State of Students Report

sosr-imageThe State of Students Report or SOSR was created during the 2015 State of Jobs Conference as an opportunity to understand student perception in Sarasota County. A common discussion in our community in regards to students is how to tackle retaining our best and brightest students in Sarasota County? There’s a constant discussion about our talent pipeline and a perception that students have no desire to establish a career in Sarasota. During our rst report in 2015, we discovered some interesting data on the truth about how students perceive Sarasota, what there college aspirations are, and do they think they can be successful.

in this community. Through this experience, we decided to continue our collection of data directly from students to share with our community partners in an effort to shift this negative perception that students don’t like Sarasota and have no desire to stay in this region. This year’s data is split into four components: Overview, college, careers, and track sessions. We hope you nd the data interesting and useful in your work in this community.

Chris Laney
Director of Education & Community Investment CareerSource Suncoast

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